Friday, February 4, 2011

Fragrant Friday

                                (You may click the pictures to enlarge them)

                                Items Details:
                                lavender vanilla bath salts - Bath & Body Works
                                eucalyptus spearmint bath salts - Bath & Body Works
                                lay it on thick foaming bath - Bath & Body Works 
                                jasmine vanilla sugar scrub - Bath & Body Works
                                buriti baby body butter- THE BODY SHOP
                                moringa body butter - THE BODY SHOP
                                honey& oat 3-in-1 scrub mask - THE BODY SHOP
                                bath bomb - Laline
                                grils cake bath bomb - Laline

Friday always makes people want to relax. People are thinking where to have fun after work; students are thinking where to hang out. Yes, Friday is great. Why not do a spa and aromatherapy to reward yourself?

So today I'm going to talk about stuff that I use to help me have a good bath. Mostly of them are aromatic, because I believe proper aroma helps people relieve stress. Among items listed, the lavender vanilla bath salts have a huge healing power. The jasmine vanilla sugar scrub smells fresh and cleans well. The honey& oat 3-in-1 scrub mask is awesome; it clean, polish and moisturize all at once, which is good for people like me who is too lazy to do skin care in multiple steps. And they smell so great that I almost feel like eating it when it's on my face. 

The two body butters moisturize very well. It took me a while to test many flavors in their store until I found moringa. The moringa smells sweet but not too artificial; on the other hand, the bruiti baby one doesn't have a smell, but me and my husband both like it because it feels very comfortable after applying on the skin. I guess it's because it's supposed to be baby-used, the ingredients are natural.

But among all of them, my favorite is the heart-shape rose bath bomb I got in Laline, which is a brand from Israel. They only have two stores in the U.S., but you can order them online. They carry many flavors for bath bombs. The rose one is amazing! The clerk told me the bath slats are from the dead sea (it makes sense because they are from Israel), where the sea slats attract many tourists to go there to do the spa. I thought I might heard of it before, but I didn't really feel the difference until I used it. It was just amazing! The rose aroma was so perfect and romantic!!! I fall in love with it. From the shape, It also made a great Valentine's gift ;)

Are you ready to take a bath? Take a soft pillow and light up some scented candles and enjoy it!

                             (my favorite pillow and candles decor. in my house=)) 

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  1. sounds like a great way to relax! i should try it sometime. i could use some relaxation.


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