Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[FASHION REPORT] What Rules the Season ?

I'd always love to share what I read with my audience so when I read this at home I was screaming in mind "OMG I have to share this!"

What made me so excited were the elements of this spring. Colors, white and prints are my favorite stuffs to play with, so when I read this column on the magazine I could feel my heart was beating faster and faster! So happy =D

Colors! Colors! Colors! I can't have more colors! Remember the [HOW-TO-STYLE-BLUE-WEEK] #5: GO URBAN and #2 : GO CASUAL? I had fun playing a little bit with colors :0 But white is actually my favorite for spring/summer. I love, love, love white because it's so clean and clam. You'll have more to see from me ;) As for prints, evocative and exotic prints are definitely fashionable choices. I also think integrated bold colors into prints will be a clever idea.
(ps.  In the prints section, I liked the DKNY jumpsuit the most!)

So for this spring, bye bye camel on camel! Let's have fun with brights!


Pictures source : 

My favorite magazine in my house, lounge room, bathtub , and dinging area - Harper's BAZAAR 


  1. good fashion advice! i should consider more colors in the wardrobe.

  2. Thank you thank you! And yes you should!


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