Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flip Flops Fun


I feel proud of people who finished LA Marathon yesterday. It was pouring outside; under this weather... you guys are awesome~! 

I was a weird person. I was not thinking about rain boots, I was thinking about flip flops! Don't tell me  any Southern California people don't like flip flops. We wear them all the time. Actually if you don't own one, I start to doubt if you grew up here =p

I started to fall in love with flip flops when I first came to America in 2006. Back then I was in Stanford, and you know, it's a campus; students always dress casual. We used to wear flip flops to ride bikes and run all over the places. So flip flops to me not only represent comfort and casualness, but also stand for some special memories.   

Anyways, I miss you guys.


I was wearing :

V-neck Blouse - Mango
(one day I was changing and thinking maybe I can wear it as a vest, and here it is!!)
Chino Trousers - ZARA
Color Block Keeper Satchel - asos


  1. found your blog at the Marc Jacobs Facebook =)
    Following u! Welcome to my page at:


  2. Sure! I visited your site and i had lots of fun!
    It's really nice to meet you! =D What do you do in fashion industry, a model?

  3. i love this outfit! it looks perfect for spring!

  4. i love your feet with flip flop

  5. Adorable outfit and beautiful blog!

    Hugs from Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  6. Thank you for the hugs form Paris! <3
    Your blog are amazing!


  7. why dont you wear some rubber flipflops like havaianas or old navy & give us some good pictures !!!


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