Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Would You Wear Your Jacket?

Hi everyone, 

Recently I've been extremely busy between my wedding preparation and this blog. Wait, am I not married? Of course I am! I will explain this story later. But anyways, there are TONS of things to do before the wedding, so many that we could spend hours and hours on it at night. William and I finally finalized our invitation design and going to send it to print. After that, I'm still going to design my gown. Yes, I am going to design my own gown, I am so going to do that! I want to do that as a gift for myself and surprise my husband.

Meanwhile,  I'm still working hard on my fashion business and trying to promote this blog. I am glad that sometimes I would get some positive feedback or acknowledgment, no matter it's from my readers or an authorized third party. However,  apparently I can do better with this site. I'm constantly thinking, except for time accumulating, what else I can do to get more people know this website, know my styling? Any thoughts? 

But no matter what, I won't let fatigue and frustration defeat me. Sometimes things just don't work out, or doesn't work out as fast as you think they should.  It happens. You just got to keep it up and work on it. Stay positive, CHEER UP girl!

Okay, about this look. I called it " How would You Wear Your Jacket? " The story was the moment I saw this trench in the store, I had so many ideas popped up in my mind about how to wear it! (it happens a lot lol) So today, I first defined it's gonna be an urban chic style, so I grabbed a blouse to wear underneath it (I didn't want it to formal, so a denim blouse), and since it was a long blouse, there got to be a belt (well, actually it depends, in this case I didn't want my body to lose it's proportion ) And in this look, you can't wear it with regular heels, it doesn't work out that way. They got to be booties :)

That's it, I hope you like it!

ps. Oh, when I saw the bracelet, I thought it was art! 
I love how irregular its shape is ;)


I was wearing : 



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