Monday, March 28, 2011

I got featured on New York Magazine!!!!!!!!

Hi, Dear Readers,

I wanted to tell you this exciting news that I am on New York Magazine!
"The Street Style" on TheCUT

You can go see yourself here :)

New York Magazine is a HUGE fashion e-publication and has won more National Magazine Awards than any other publication. 

To me, this is definitely an exciting news that will motivate me to keep the fun/inspiring work coming. I know it's not like winning an OSCAR or something, but at least I know there are people reading my blog and recognize my effort, which is enough to fulfill my little dream and lift my heart =) 

The main purpose to post this is to thank you (yes, you, who's right in front of the screen right now) for consistently reading my blog, giving me opinions and liking my looks. Your reading will keep me working hard and bringing more interesting looks.

If you have any opinions/ suggestions about my blog or website, please don't hesitate to tell me at 

Of course collaborations are welcome too!

I'm looking forward to share more about my looks & life with you!


ps. Please vote for me on the VOGUE "shocking colorblocking" competition!!! Every vote counts and your vote will make a big difference (trust me)! You can vote here or on my blog! (the black slideshow widget on the top right corner) There are only 19 days left and everyone is doing great! So if you like this look or want to support me, vote now and tell your friends!

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