Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vote for me to get featured on!

Hiiiiii, my dear readers!

I attended a competition hold by VOGUE on HYPEED. COM. The theme is "shocking color blocking." And the winner will be featured on VOGUE. COM =p

So if you like this outfit, no matter you were shocked or not, please vote for me!!!

Here's how : simply click the score you want to give me (eg.5) on the slideshow widget.

Or just click  "Score Heidi Chen's contribution" on your right hand side.
(right underneath the HYPEED slideshow)

I will highly appreciate your support =)

And of course, I will keep it on and continue to share more of my looks with you.


Oh, and don't forget to share this news with your friends !


  1. your blog is so cute and i followed you on facebook
    please follow my blog :)

  2. oh, thank you!! I visited your blog and it's so lovely!!!!
    You get a great artistic sense! I am glad followed by you <3


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