Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(It started getting cold at night, ha <3)

Sorry for uploading this entry late. I had technical difficulty uploading pictures with blogger =(

Some of you might wonder didn't I say I was going to watch Broadway musical the weekend before last weekend? What happened? Well, William and I were going to the theater but on the way there there was a little bit of car accident, but we were okay. 

So we moved it to this past weekend and finally got to watch Wicked! My review about it is just one word- awesome!!! I don't want to give the story away here because some of you might haven't watched it. But go see it, and sit at the orchestra. It will be totally worth the price and you will not regret! Their facial expressions are so funny and the costumes are sooooo pretty (the prettiest I've ever seen in Broadway musical)!

We did our homework before we went (i.e. watch the movie The Wizard of Oz ), and I'm glad we did. I meant, if you do that too, you'll be surprised by that how well they linked these two stories together, and how different the characters' personalities were from the original story.  You'll realized how the characters' personality transformed and some bad guys were not at bad as you thought they were; some good people are probably not as kind as you thought they might be.  But don't worry it's not a heavy story at all, it's witty and easy to understand =) I especially like the character of Glinda; she is so funny and cute <3<3<3 

Overall, I think it's a interesting play and worth to watch. I'll have some more musicals to watch in the summer, can't wait to share them with you!

ps. I dedicated this little pink dress for the spring!


I was wearing :

ZARA Evening Collection
D+AF Silver Snake Effect Leather Peep Toe Pumps


  1. This migt be the sexiest dress I've ever seen.

  2. Thank you! This is indeed a lovely comment!

  3. Hello! Visiting from hypeed hehe, I've looked through maaany your posts, and you've got an awesome style!

    Will definitely be back :)
    Titine & Totoche

  4. yay, thank you!! I'm so happy someone visit me from HYPEED! =D


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