Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[FASHION REPORT] Endless Summer & My New Gadget

Hi! Sorry for not posting for a few days. Actually I didn't go anywhere; I'm still paying attention to fashion and styling outfits. It's just this week is my birthday & marriage anniversary week, so I took a few days off to celebrate it with my husband. =D I went to many places; it was a great adventure. There were so many to share and I will post it later. (actually it's still going on, not finished until this weekend ended :))

Here I just wanted to share some information and fashion trends with you. I highlighted some trends that I saw them again and again in all magazines. ( they are in blue/black/orange rectangle or oval) In summary, this spring/summer is all about 70's theme. Stripes, wide-legged pants, bright colors, blazers and geometrical-designed accessaries are super hot for the season. Refreshing white and black are never out of style. So are cropped leg pants and neutral colors. Something worth of mentioning is the hair style all over the runway right now. We pursue "sleek and shiny". You can twist it up with a bon/ ponytail, or lay it down straight.  The neater, the better.

Ok, now time to talk about my new gadget! I got this pair of  sandals in ZARA  a few weeks ago. I love it. I'm pretty sure you all had the experience that the moment you saw a shoe, you felt melted and you knew it's your shoe. That's exactly how I felt when I saw this shoe (though it doesn't happen exclusively to this pair.)

I like how geometrical it is. The stripes, the colors and the fabric of it. The design is decent. I also love the thickness of the heels. Skinny heels are sexy and keep, but thick heels are so IN.  The magic of thick heels are they just look so classy and stable, which totally fit in the 70's theme this year (see the NO.3 "chic platforms" in picture four). But fashion is always in a cycle, so get one pair, and it will never be out of style. 


Picture Source :

magazine page - Harper's BAZAAR
shoe - photos by myself


  1. great new post! been looking for this update! love the shoes =) so colorful.

  2. realizing you love the shoes and looking forward to this post make me so happy!


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