Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am on American Apparel!

Hi everybody!

I hope you had a great day =)

I knew I had missed things while I was gone for my wedding, but I'm trying hard to catch up right now. And I just realized I was on AMERICAN APPAREL's Best of Seen and Submitted. I am so happy!

I've always have a special feeling to American Apparel. Well, first of all, it's an American Brand which I'm very proud of. What distinguishes this brand is their garments are made in U.S.A., specifically L.A. The labor is not cheap here, and this also reflects on the tags. But made in U.S.A. usually means that it's made in great quality, which I have no doubt.

Aside from that, its simple and yet versatile designs really represent American spirit. You know, we are practical.  And my experience about their garments is they are usually easy to style and go well with a lot of stuffs. It's not like a ohh-look-at-me brand, but I do like its 70's disco funky feeling. And plus, it's easy to dress. =)

This is probably one of the best things I had missed, woo hoo~ ~


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